Sunday, August 24, 2008


$11,000 - total trip cost
  • $3800 - total airfare
  • $4400 - money spent during travels, excluding diving
  • $1500 - scuba diving
  • $800 - vaccinations, insurance, pills*
  • $500 - pre-trip shopping (camera mostly)
* - this is the most I've ever heard anyone pay for v, i, p. Unfortunately, Cambodia + India + Ghana = every single vaccination "strongly recommended."

$9,000 - vague amount budgeted for trip before serious planning
$10,700 - amount budgeted after research
$300 - amount over budget
2.8% - percent over budget
9 - how awesome that is (10-point scale)

30,800 - number of miles traveled
11 - countries visited (excluding America)
32 - cities/towns/whatever visited
6 - cities/towns/whatever where the temperature broke 100 degrees while I was there. Not 90, not 95. 100.

- nights of the trip
18 - nights spent in buses, trains, ferries, streets, airports, or stations
32 - hot showers (I'm shocked at how high this number is.)

$8.20 - average cost of a night's stay throughout the trip
$39 - most expensive bed: very last day of the trip, in Morocco
$2.80 - least expensive bed: Siwa oasis, in Egypt

24 hours - longest flight: Chicago > LA > Taipei > Kuala Lumpur
17 hours - longest train ride: Sungai Golok > Bangkok
4 hours - longest ferry ride: Nuweiba > Aqaba
31 hours - longest bus ride: Srinagar > Agra*

* - That's a 550-mile journey. It's like that joke, where a farmer boasts that he'd have to drive all day to reach the end of his farm, and the other guy says, "Yeah, I used to have a car like that, too."

60 - approximate number of posts mailed to the States
39 - passport stamps and stickers collected on the trip (most countries give a visa stamp/sticker, entry stamp, exit stamp)
12 - currencies dealt with
$20 - money "lost" due to botched conversions (beats the time I missed a zero in Japan, and Mom and I went to a conspicuously fancy $16 meal in Tokyo...)
$600 - cash hidden in my money belt or backpack at the start of the trip
$600 - if I could redo the trip, how much I would have brought in cash. It was perfect.
2 - number of days lost to illness (altitude sickness in Leh)
0 - number of times I was even remotely bothered by stomach/food/GI-issues
wow - yeah, wow to that last one!

Days required to readjust to life at home? I'll tell you once I find out.


jdcooper said...

Good job with the budget. That's cool.

What night did you spend in the street? Or is that the night with the stupid mangy mangy dogs and the late late bus. Which culminated in serious altitude sickness.

so does 30,800 traveled = 1 free flight?

You counted hot showers along the way?

I'll keep reading your blog :)

Cam said...

ah, but what are you up to NOW?

ivalap. said...

oh my:D how absolutely exciting! ive never been to kashmir though i am from mum would never let me:D Im going to go through your blog this weekend:)

Rakesh Chintha said...

Great management! both time and money!

Christine Cooper said...

very happy that you are very happy

iceland looks beautiful, clean and easy

your friends know but other blog readers are probably wondering why anjeni is getting stares: she is east indian

and those floating ice thingys must be jewish as they are "icebErgs", not "icebUrgs"

i love you--daddy