Wednesday, April 23, 2008

the spacebardoesn'twork

Tinyblog update, becauseI have a trainto catch andthisspacebar super sucks. Also, I can't putpicturesup fromthis computerand without somephotos, what'sthe point? I'llbe brief (maybe...), and give fullupdatewith photosand whatnot later. Longstoryshort:

Iwent from KL toPalau Perhentian Kecil (overnightbus), where I spentafew days on thebeach, diving, havingSnickers shakes, andchattingwith Amelied'Orleans, Amelie de Paris, andRachel. Left the island thismorningand ferry-bus-bus'd to the Thai border, where I have justcrossedand am takinga 17 hour train to Bangkok soon.HopefullyI'll get to Kanchanaburi in a fewdaysand head to an elephantrescue from there.

Ifyou think this is hardto read, try Thai! Gobbledeegook. (slur unintended)

Feelingconfident and sticky. Soooosticky.WhenI get home,shower and icecream for sure.

I wasthe first foreigner Sabri hasever swam with. Lots offun.

lifeat home - baseline 7 of 10, fun moments are 9 of 10.
lifehere - basline 4? of 10, fun moments are 10s forsure. Bigtens.

Baseline willincreaseas Igetbetterat traveling (alreadyhas some), andfunmoments morecommonas I relaxandappreciatemore (already do).


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